Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Few of My Favorite Things

Confession…I have a pillow problem :) The more, the better, right? I’m certain a sofa is more inviting with stacks of throw pillows. Hemp linen and grainsack pillows are quite an addiction for me.


Ironstone…well, it just speaks for itself. Beautiful, chippy, and crazed. Too bad I don’t find ironstone easily around here. I’m thankful for my sister-friend Amy who is always gifting me butter pats and gorgeous bowls.


 French baskets…I have a few, but this harvest basket finds it’s way in most of my home photos :) No matter what I chose to put inside, it is a great vintage find. I threw a hemp linen sheet over the side.


 Seltzer bottles…the colors are amazing. This one is very unique, with it’s wording and pretty soft green hue. Even the crack adds character :)


Vintage scales…adds a little industrial look to a space. This one came from a local Antique shop. We have a few prominent scales around our house. Each have a really cool story :)


 Fresh flowers…probably my very favorite decorating go-to. After three years, I’ve finally grown a cutting garden. I enjoy walking out to pick fresh blooms for enjoying inside. My aunts gave me one Easter lily a few years ago. Now, it’s spread into many blooms to enjoy each spring :)


And last, hemp linen sheets…one of my favorite collections. I only have four. And I find them to be so beautiful with their imperfections. Also, they make fabulous arm rest covers for our white sofas. Yes, they get dingy…but with each wash, come out softer.

What are your favorite decorating items?

Thanks for visiting my blog today :)

Have a lovely Tuesday!



Tabatha McCaffrey said...

Hi Becky! Your couch looks soooo inviting. I love the warmth of the room and all the textures.

Okio B Designs said...

Love the neutrals! The couch and pillows look very inviting.


Burlap Luxe said...

Becky, you know how I feel about your style and home, my request has been to move right in on your style... Love the pillows and agree with you, the more the better. No less is more theory here.

I have favorites in my home, it's of salvage woods, and iron stone and quilts layered in natural tones of white to paper mâché tones.

See you soon darling, many blessed days ahead of you.


Robin Johnson said...

Your favorites make you home so interesting and pretty. I have a similar obsession with ironstone and red and white ticking stripes.

Sea Cottage said...

I collect pillows too. I do not know why because I do not like too many on the sofa and chairs. I just cannot seem to pass by a toss pillow that I like, even though I do not need anymore. Thankfully, I can collect pillow covers now and just switch them with the different moods or seasons. My favorites are the naturals, whites and greys...and velvet. I love velvet pillows especially our grey ones.

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