Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Walk Through Our Flower Garden

In the late afternoon as the sun begins to sink below the treeline…this is where you’ll find me. I love to spend time each evening walking through the garden. Here is a bridal wreath bush. It’s taller than I am now.


We don’t have any veggies planted yet. Tomatoes, peppers…we’ll plant those real soon, I hope. And we usually just mix it all into our flower gardens. But today, I’d like to show you around, to see what’s blooming. White snapdragons. How I love these. This year, I planted a bunch in planters on our deck, and they are in full bloom.


 Spanish lavender. It’s one of my favorites. It grows so well here, and it smells very heavenly :) The sage is still growing well, too. And in the background, you can see dusty miller and another bridal wreath bush.


 The pink roses are blooming. Oh their smell is so fragrant. I love roses. I have several white rose bushes also.


 Oh the chives…they have the prettiest purple blooms each spring. Chives are one of my favorite herbs, and really thrives in our garden.


 And here is dill, standing tall behind the dusty miller. Y’all it smells like a dill pickle ;) It is a pretty, wispy herb…which blooms sweet little yellow flowers.


 This is verbena. It spreads like crazy…and this one is a very pale shade of pink.


 And last, but not least…the foxgloves. OH wow! They grew 4 feet tall! I finally clipped the stalks of blooms to bring inside to enjoy. Did you know they are poisonous? You will want to research foxgloves before you plant them.


And while I’m walking through the garden, I usually gather clippings of different herbs and plants to make arrangements…like these goblet centerpieces HERE.


It makes my soul happy to walk or work in the garden. I feel God’s presence. I enjoy His creation. The beauty. The aroma. It’s like a little piece of heaven here on Earth.


What’s blooming in your garden? Do you bring fresh flowers inside?

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Paige Rose said...

Oh myyy your garden is the definition of unveiling springs earth! So gorgeous!


Melanie @ Rustic Farmhouse said...

Wow so pretty! we had snow again here yesterday!! I cant wait for flowers to bloom here. they just make you feel good dont they~mel

BECKY said...

Love your flowers and herbs, girl!! We are re-landscaping our back yard and can't wait to get some wonderful color planted back there again. A lawn care company pretty much ruined our yard, but it has fresh new sod and with that we are making some changes!! And I so know what you mean about feeling God's presence amongst his creations! Such a soothing contentment washed over me. Love that!

The challenge sounds like fun!
It's kind of what I do all the time!! ;o)
Hope to join in!
Have a fabulous weekend, Becky

shuttersandsunflowers said...

thank you for sharing our beautiful garden, I could almost smell the freshness of spring!

Dotty Delightful said...

Its beautiful, I love your photos so much, lavender is one of my favourite herbs x

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Your flowers are looking beautiful! I am so enjoying having flowers so early this year. Yes--I always bring flowers in the of the best things about the house flowers!

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