Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sink Skirt and a Recipe


Hey friends! I sure hope you are doing great!

It feels like fall here in Louisiana, finally…so

we enjoyed roasting marshmallows around a bonfire today :)

fall kitchen sink

I thought, just for fun, I would share my burlap sink skirt with you.

It’s just a coffee bean burlap sack cut to fit over

the opening.

If you have been around awhile, you may remember

our recent kitchen remodel HERE.

fall kitchen pears 

fall kitchen pears 2 

I was using an antique grainsack as the sink skirt…

however, for Fall I wanted a little warmer look.

So, I put the burlap skirt back on.

fall kitchen burlap sink skirt

And because I love changing things often, having the

cabinet left open under our sink gives me several options.

I just have a simple spring-rod in place…and I can

switch out different fabrics for different seasons.

fall kitchen bread boards

Can you believe our basil is still growing strong in our garden?

I like keeping some near the sink for salads and cooking.

Not to mention the aroma :)

fall kitchen basil

This is how our kitchen looks most of the time, if

I’m not cooking a meal. Just plain and simple.

fall kitchen vent hood

Speaking of cooking…

I made up my own chicken salad recipe!

Can you believe it? I can’t either.

rustic chicken salad

I am calling it my “Rustic Chicken Salad”

(I don’t why, I just like the word rustic :)

 Here’s the recipe, in case you want to try it:

6 organic chicken breast fillets, boiled & shredded

2 hard boiled fresh chicken eggs, boiled & chopped

2 small dill pickles, chopped

2 sweet baby whole pickles, chopped

1/2 jalapeno pepper, chopped

3 slices peppered-bacon, fried crispy & chopped

8-10 black seedless grapes, chopped

1/2 cup or more mayo

2 or 3 tablespoons spicy mustard

salt & pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients together and enjoy on wheat bread,

with chips & crackers, or on a bed of greens.

fall kitchen table

I added fresh baby spinach & tomato to my sandwich.

(You could add or delete whatever you choose to

make this recipe your own)

Celery, pears, apples…but of course,

I think the bacon made this delicious :)

rustic chicken salad sandwich

And before I’m off…let me ask if you are enrolled in

the Creatively Made Home E-Course?

The first week has been very inspirational! Go check it out!

Thanks for visiting me today :)

Have a lovely week!



Debra @ Common Ground said...

I really love your kitchen remodel, the farm sink is just wonderful. and what a great idea of changing out the sink curtain! I change out my curtains from Fall to Spring, and I'm always ready for something different. I love the word "rustic" too. It fits with your yummy chicken salad and that great coffee sack! always love hearing from you!

Lorilee said...

Your kitchen is beautiful. Love the sink skirt. The chicken salad sounds wonderful. You can't go wrong with bacon!

Geli said...

Hello Becky! Your kitchen is soooo beautiful and the basil is a dream. I love basil and the scent is so good. Your recipe sounds delicious, I will try! Have a lucky time with your family Becky, Geli

Katherine Wolak said...

I dont know what I love more, the skirt, your FABULOUS home or the chicken salad that looks to die for! :D


Susan @ said...

Becky I love the sink, the skirt , and the columns around the sink. You have a beautiful kitchen, just my style! Thanks for sharing it!

It's me said...

I really like your kitchen !! it all Becky ...enjoy autumn

White Weathered Hutch, said...

Loving all your accents in your country kitchen. That sandwich looks yummy!!

Amy Kinser said...

Your kitchen is so beautiful, Becky. You and Mr. Buckets did such a marvelous job with the remodel.

What about the pig towel hanging on the sink? Have I seen that?

I also love the green bottles on the shelf above the sink. Beautiful pop of color.

And girl...that sandwich looks wonderful but I know it would know fit in my WW point range. It looks rusticly delicious!

Love ya bunches today and everyday.

Anne Marie said...

it's so nice to see someone else not cluttering up their counters with 'do dads'...I just got done doing the same thing this morning...I have a corner on my kitchen counter that is perplexing me though...what do you put in yours?

love the range hood...that's awesome.

Heaven's Walk said...

I adore the clean, simple, fresh look your kitchen has, Becky! I never thought of putting oregano stems in water. Duh! lol! Your range hood is absolutely amazing, too! Love it all, girlie! :) Oh....and thanks for sharing that yummy recipe! I'm making it!

xoxo laurie

Lee Caroline said...

Glad to get an update, love your little piggy tea towel and also that basil looks so healthy in the vase.I am wondering if that came from your farm?

I love your kitchen Becky and my readers loved it when I featured it on my blog, it was one of my most read posts.

Hope your well

Lee :)

Debra Hall said...

Everything looks wonderful...can't wait to try the chicken salad recipe!! Thank you for sharing your home! ;))

Stephanie said...

LOVE your sink skirt - so neat that you can easily change it out!

Mabel Jane's said...

Your chicken salad looks divine! Love your farmhouse kitchen...Blessings...Pam (just became your newest follower)

20 North Ora said...

Becky - Your chicken salad looks and sounds really delish!! Will try it.

Love your burlap skirt.


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