Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lambs and Pear Blossoms


Hey my friends! Are you having a great week?  I hope so!  This past week we have made a few additions to our little farm…

Meet “Dolly”


And this is “Patches”

Patches 2

These sweet little lambs don’t particularly like us, except from a distance.  So, it will take some time for them to warm up to us.  But aren’t they precious?  They make the sweetest “baaaaa” sound you have ever heard!


pear blossoms

And our Bradford Pear trees are full of gorgeous blooms right now.  I had to bring some branches in to enjoy.

blossoms bistro chair

Did I ever tell you that we moved our nesting boxes outside to the back porch?  You know, this used to be hanging on the wall in the dining room…  but I needed a change.  I dressed it up with a few blooming branches, too.

nesting boxes

We also just picked up new baby chicks, which I’ll share with you later…Well, that’s all I have for today…

I’ll be back real soon!

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Marsha said...

Those lambs are so sweet. Thank you for sharing. Things are starting to bloom here in Alabama, too.

Wild Oak Designs said...

I love the new additions! They are so sweet. My Aunt used to have lambs...
and you are getting chicks....I'd love to have doesn't allow it now.
Loving spring....

Amy Kinser said...

Your new babies are just precious! Such fun you all will have with them and the new chicks.

Your tree is beautiful with all of its blooms and they look wonderful in your galvanized bucket.

Your photos look just stunning..truly beautiful. What an amazing photographer you have become.

Love ya bunches!!

Debra @ Common Ground said...

oh, I want to come live with you and play with the little guys. they're just so sweet, love those faces!

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh, the lambs are so sweet! I hope they become friendly soon. Your kids must love them! And chicks, too! Yay! Fresh eggs!

Have a wonderful day, Becky!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh your new babies are most precious.;) and I love Love love that nesting box.,.I want one..I pinned it on my pinterest and that is how I started following you.;) have a wonderful rest of your week;)

Heaven's Walk said...

Oh my goodness......what cutie patooties, Becky! I could just kiss their darling little noses!! What fun to be able to raise such sweet little creatures! :)

xoxo laurie

Jody and Stan said...

How lucky to have that beautiful view and the animals. I'm jealous. Love your blog. New Follower.


Bliss said...

Are those new baby chicks gonna nest on the house or do they have their own special spot?


LLH Designs said...

Oh my goodness! My daughters would die if they saw these little lambs! We have dreams of moving to the country and they've asked about a lamb. Are they hard to care for and keep? They sure are cute!


Lili J said...

Those lambs are presh! We are starting to bloom here in League City, TX too! Even though we really didn't have a winter, I am SO ready for Spring.

Tobey said...

New to your blog, love your adorable lambs, jealous that you have signs of spring already, we still have lots of snow. look forward to checking your blog, love you ideas and vision. Tobey of Tobeystrashortreasure

The Farmer's Daughter said...

Your post gives me Spring Fever! I enjoy your blog and have found many ideas for my own: Thank you for great inspiration!

Tricia said...

Look at those cute little lambs...lucky you! It seems so nice where you are. I can't wait to see a few signs of spring around here.


Faded Charm said...

Such sweet lambs:-) I love apple and pear blossoms brought inside to enjoy and I also love your nesting boxes...such a great size!


❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

awww..your new babies are so sweet. The Bradford pear trees here in OK are really coming out as well...too soon though! It was 80 degrees yesterday and we have a cool front with even colder temps for the weekend to, hopefully, put those buds and blossoms on hold for a while.

Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

I love your lambs. When I was in high school, I raised sheep. I love their personalities. We had a couple of bummer lambs that acted just like dogs. :)

I think the nesting boxes look great out there.

I was thrilled to see an article in our newspaper this morning about you! Very nice!

Have a great weekend.

Lee Caroline said...

Awww! they are so gorgeous, what an "Idyllic" life you have, I am so jealous.

When my boys were younger they had a lamb at their school, I had it one weekend when it was their turn for the bottle feeding as it was only small. It created quite a stir with the neighbours bleeting all night. Was fun.

Lovely photos as usual ☺

Lee x

Bridget@MrsGreenJeans said...

Patches!!! Too cute, I have a cat named Patches. Love your new furry friends, how glad I'm a vegetarian :) I adore all of your pics, they are too cute. I just changed over my blog name and url from flournfriends to mrs green jeans, come check me out please! Same blog, new name!

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

Just thought you would like to know you were mentioned in my city newspaper, Amarillo Globe News. :)

Miss Gracie's House said...

Spring has definitely arrived at your house...I love getting a peek. We had snow on Wednesday but today is it will soon be here too!
Have a great week!

A Cozy Cottage in the City said...

Hi Becky,

Oh such sweet little lambs!!! And your pear blossoms are so lovely!!! Looks like springtime is definitely near! :) Wishing you a wonderful day!!!

Hugs from here,

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