Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eggs and Asparagus

Hey my friends!

Do you have a weakness for signs?  Me too ;)  All over blog land and even name brand catalogs…signs are everywhere.

I saw a photo on a blog from Pottery Barn catalog, and showed Mr. Buckets. 

And, being the sweet carpenter guy that he is…now I have some nice, big wooden letters over the stove.

eggs sign

kitchen eggs sign

Here is my inspiration photo from Pottery Barn:

Just look at that farmhouse. kitchen. OH. MY!


Our little kitchen does not have quite the space to put GROCERIES, so we opted for a much shorter word :)

stove and sign 

And did you notice the ASPARAGUS sign in the above Pottery Barn photo?  Well, I painted my version of that one, also:

asparagus sign

This one was just stenciled onto an old piece of barn wood.  Our family loves asparagus in the summer months. My kids eat it like candy.

open kitchen shelves

I did not, however, paint the stenciled number jars.  They came from a store called Tuesday Morning- great things at great prices :)

Well, I’m sharing my signs this week at these fun parties:

White Wednesday


Farmhouse Friday


Feathered Nest Friday

And one more little tidbit of news:  our “farmhouse project” was featured today on Design Shuffle Blog.  It’s a neat blog, where you can get designing ideas, or share your own.  Go take a look at the sweet post they did…I’m most honored to be featured.  Thanks to the folks at Design Shuffle for giving us a shout-out!!


Becky C


Angela (Cottage Magpie) said...

I just LOVE those signs! I'm going to have to show DH and see if I can get him to make me something similar. Really charming!

Your whole kitchen is fantastic! Your open shelving looks so good! I really struggle with styling the shelves so they look good but also are functional for our family (like so many people, we are SO busy). Yours look great!


Heidi said...

can your kids tutor mine on the art of good eating? really? like candy?
ps- personally I like your kitchen even better than the pottery barn one!

Urban Farmgirl said...

I love this, Becky! The color of the wood is perfect, too! Everything you do is just so darn cute! ;o)


Anne Marie said...

Becky...you put us all to shame do you know that??

good gravy.....my pathetic switch has nothin' on you :)

Anne Marie

Cindy@OldTimePickers said...

Lovin' the farmhouse look of the signs. Inspires me to make some. Thanks for sharing!

Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

your sign is fantastic and does it look wonderful in your lovely kitchen...
thanks for sharing,


gina3 said...

Those are great! I wish my husband could cut out letters like that!

Sandi said...

Your signs are just wonderful Becky! I love your kitchen and the open shelving. Wonder if I am brave enough to try that? :)

Bama said...

Hi! I think the Pottery Barn photos look a bit busy, but your's are perfect! Your asparagus sign is better than their's too! And what kitchen doesn't have eggs? Well done!

Lara said...

edited to remove my crazy spelling error. ;-)

All so cute Becky. I always love to look at all the details in your interior photos. That asparagus sign you made is a great idea & I heart your "1,2,3" canisters... I know I saw them somewhere! Oh man do I want a white farmhouse sink so bad.. my sink area is not big enough to fit a full apron one, so one of these days I'll have to put in a drop-in non-apron one. Take care!

Shannon said...

Love it and those cute little numbered jars you got at Tuesday Morning were originally from Pottery Barn. I paid probably too much for them while you got them for a steal ;)

Alabaster Rose Designs said...

Hi Becky,
I love your signs even better than Pottery Barn. They look amazing in your kitchen. I love how you painted the asparagus sign, so wonderful! Congrats on having your blog featured, it is truly beautiful!
Have a great night.

Lou said...

Becky - Absolutely beautiful! It's better than PB and easier on the wallet.
Connie (aka Lou)

Amy Kinser said...

Mr. Buckets did a wonderful job on those letters! He contantly amazes me with his talents. I am so happy that Mr. Buckets likes me!!!!!!

Can I just tell you that I think no one deserves to be featured like I think you do? Your home is so gorgeous and so homey and cozy.

Love you all...

Tee of Vinnord Cottage said...

love the "egsgs" and the "asparghus" too :D :D I always wanted something like that in my kitchen, I just dont know wHAT.... sigh....

BECKY said...

Your signs look great! LOVE the asparagus one!!!
You did a great job on it! And the barn wood is a fave of mine, too!

Have a delightful day!

Mel's Designs from the Cabin said...

Both kitchens are so country...I like the white and wood tones together...I need a splash of wood mixed with my white things/dishes in the Cabin kitchen...I also like making signs either from twigs or stenciling...I tried the word "Adventure" and then put twigs around it and hung it up in our cabin den...I posted it over at Mel's Designs from the Cabin..near the bottom of the blog....Mel

Miss Gracie's House said...

yep...I'm lovin' signs too...I want a BIG one for my kitchen and am sure I will have to make one myself...even if I could ever find one...it would be too expensive...I really like your *eggs*...and it fits you! Tuesday Morning?...it's been ages since I've been there...gonna have to check it out!
Have you started school yet? Not here until AFTER labor day!

Mary said...

LOVE the EGGS sign, girl! You have one gifted family! :) Can't wait to make my own now. Your kitchen is gorgeous!!!
ps I <3 Tuesday morning!

Leeanne said...

I love the wooden letters. Love to decorate with words. I really enjoy your blog. Thank you for sharing.

safety shower and eyewash station said...

Those glass of jug are marvelous and surprise to watch your ordering of kitchen stuffs. Decoration with words are perfect.

Ranger 911 said...

The wood letters add just the needed warmth to your kitchen. Great job with the asparagus sign too!

Revi said...

What a great job you did on your lettering! I love that you personalized it to your family and your space, too. Your kitchen is a lovely place.

remote control boat said...

Ordering a kitchen stuff is hard duty, I am doing it only once a month. For me arranging is wasting of time. You are genius to do it and give a new look.

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