Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Picket Fence Headboard

Hey my friends!
My youngest daughter has a birthday coming up later this month.
For her birthday, she wanted a bedroom makeover.

We painted her room in Lime Sorbet by Valspar.
We added some strawberry malt balls and chocolate mints in Ball Jars.

A picket fence section serves as the headboard.

Fresh pink roses.

 Little cowgirl hat.

 The fun part was that she let me decorate her room as a surprise!

She loved it!  Her expression says it all:

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Becky C


Amy Kinser said...

Ok, how cool that I saw this right after you posted. I brought Faith over to the chair with me so she could read it as I did.

Tell Kynli that her room is just perfect!! I love everything!! What a great gift!!!

Angela said...

I thought the room was sweet until I saw that look on her that's SWEET!!

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Oh Becky, this turned out so cute!! I love the look on her face. Well done girlfriend :)

Allison said...

Your daughter's room is so pretty and what a fun color combination. I love her expression! What a wonderful birthday gift!

Maria Vicente said...

What a wonderful surprise, until I would be delighted with a remodeling as well. It's all beautiful. Congratulations for the good taste. I love it. It took me an idea.
Good week for all.

Sorry but I made the English translation on google

Kathy said...

Such a sweet smile!
xoxo~Kathy @
sweet Up-North Mornings...

sissie said...

I love her new room. The colors, the bedding and all of the touches are perfect for a young girl. She's a real cutie.


Vintage Gal said...

Oh my Gosh ~ what a perfect bedroom for your daughter. This room just makes me smile ;-)

Bama said...

I have just discovered your blog and love it. My style is more prim, but you have such a wonderful style all your own that has wonderful primitive/vintage flavor. The photos are exceptional!
Your daughter's room is amazing and I'm not surprised that she is thrilled. I so enjoyed the photos of her reaction. Happy Birthday to her!

Pattie said...

Ah Becky, it's just beautiful... and by the looks of her face she loves it too....happy Birtheday to her....


Sandi said...

You did a great job on that room! I am sure it was a lot of fun doing it as a surprise too!! LOVE that expression on her happy face. :)

Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

So soft and feminine, what a beautiful room for a young woman. Her face says it all, what a lucky girl

Pam said...

Very pretty! What a fun thing to surprise her with!

Have a great day.

Alabaster Rose Designs said...

Oh Becky,
You did an amazing job on your daughter's room, it is just beautiful!!! I love the wall color and all of the accents.
I always adore looking at photos of your house.
Have a wonderful day.

Ido said...

I love her face! and love the room too, beautiful! girls are so cute, I wish my son would've asked for a room makeover for his birthday, but he doesn't care about his room, he just wants to have a great time with his friends sigh! boys will be boys.
Have a great day!

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

It looks just wonderful, Becky!
How did you affix the picket fencing to the bed?

Shabby soul said...

The fence as headbord: it's lovely!
And all is so fresh and sweet!
Great job!

Deborah said...

The look on her face says it all!!!
You've made her room look so happy snd bright. I've always loved the idea of a picket fence headboard!

Deborah xo

Jo Jo's Cottage Charm said...

I have a couple of picket fence sections and I was thinking of a headboard, I'm inspired now to Go For It!



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