Monday, March 21, 2011

Our First Egg

 Hey my friends!
I forgot to tell you about our first EGG!
A couple of weeks ago, one of our hens, Lucille, left us this sweet surprise :)

 The cutest little brown egg ever!

 And here she is, our one and only egg layer, so far :)

She and our new banty cochin snuggle up and roost side by side.

This is Tinkerbell, a fancy little "fluffy butt", with feathers down her legs.

We made french toast with our fresh eggs today,
it has been "egg-citing" around the farmyard lately.

And, do you remember my sugar mold I used to have holding
candles on my coffee table??
Well, I decided to use it as a planter on our table on the porch.

So, what do you think? 

I'd like to thank you all for voting for me at the 
I appreciate you taking time to do this :)

I'm joining The Homestead Barn Hop with Amy.

I really appreciate you all for following along.
Becky C


The Vintage Farmhouse said...

This is so exciting! We just recently got chicks and I can't wait until they get big. I've never had a fresh egg before!

Deb said...

Congratulations on the first fresh egg. I think chickens are really neat little characters. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Becky ~
Congratulations on your first egg ~
It looks so pretty :)
I love your herbs too ! We just planted some
about a week ago and are using them to cook
with already ~ it is so much fun !


Anne Marie... said...

we just ordered more chicks today...can't wait to get them here! I think we even purchased a few Cochins.....that's a first for us.......

the planter looks great - and all the best for you making the top 25!

A Rosy Note said...

How exciting! I would love to have chickens, I think it would be so much fun.

Love your planter idea too :)

Lara said...

What a cute nestled little first egg! Your chickens are cute. I have always wanted to hold a chicken in my arms (never have in my life).. maybe someday. :)

thecrankyqueen said...

Love the chickens and the 1 egg...too funny! I have one of those candle holder thingies too...great idea with the plants for spring! thanx for sharing, tiff

Amy Kinser said...

First of all, Lucille is a beauty!!! I am so happy that she is well and laying eggs for you. Praise God for healed chickens!!!

Second...You got my vote!! You know you are my inspiration in so many ways and my friend!!

Anji Johnston said...

Congratulations on the egg! And I just added my vote for your blog!
Have an egg-citing week ahead (sorry - could'nt resist!).

Pam said...

Congratulations on your first egg! I remember when we were kids, it was so exciting when our hens started laying eggs. Fun memories!

Have a great day.

Boho Farm and Home said...

Yippee! You got your first egg.
That is a great feeling!
All the girls look lovely!
xo Caroline

Cat & Cricket said...

YEH!! Brings me back to "babcia's" (grandmother in Polish) her farm... and collecting the eggs... ahh.. the sweet innocence then..
beautiful post~

All That Jazz said...

Congratulations on the egg! So cool!! I hope you have more egg layers soon...especially before Easter! ;-)

Anne said...

Oh, that is so sweet! I love chickens!! We used to have ducks and got an egg every day. There's nothing like fresh eggs!!!


Lucille is "Egg-cellent!" (Couldn't resist) We'll be getting baby chicks next month but it will be a few months before we see any of those lil' buggers! :)

Blondie's Journal said...

Your chickens are so cute and that egg was almost too pretty to eat!!

I love how you have changed up the sugar looks great!


Vintage Gal said...

How exciting~! I am waiting for my little chicks to come in. We have ordered them and Mr. Vintage is going to build a chicken tractor. I can hardly wait! Love the sugar mold planter ;-)


How wonderful to have your own eggs. Fresh! Your chickens (or hens?) would be wonderful to paint.
I love the sugar mold turned planter! I'm a gardener so I love to see what people come up with for planters. There is a new book Gardening in No Time, that has wonderful ideas for planters.

❀ JoAnne said...

Love that little egg! Love all of your spring touches too - especially the "borrowed" red bud branches - very pretty. I might have "borrowed" a thing or two like that, I just might have!

Mel said...

Cute little egg! I'm using galvanized buckets as hanging planters this year...instead of those plastic hanging pots from the hardware store...I threw those's Cabin is all about rustic and easy life..

Pattie said...

OH the joy of fresh eggs... Luck girl I have always wanted chickens have a great day

The Shabby Chick

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Would love to have chickens! There's nothing like fresh eggs in the morning. Ahhh.
Love what you did with your sugar mold too!
We've got another month until we can start planting up here...usually Mother's Day weekend and then you're good to go!
Thanks for sharing!

Ann said...

How wonderful. I've heard from so many people how rewarding raising chickens is. As a city dwellerm, I'm afraid we can't. Your sugar mold looks like a perfect planter, I used mine in my craft room for all of my brushes, art pens, rulers ect. Maybe I'll find another at one of the flea market shows this spring to make a planter.

Jill @ The Prairie Homestead said...

Congrats on your egg! Isn't it so exciting when you finally start to see the fruits (or should I say eggs) of your labor? ;) Thanks for sharing this with the Homestead Barn HOp!

Rachel Noelle said...

Oh my goodness Lucille is just precious!!;) Love your wooden mold too! Hugs,Rachel

French Farmhouse 425

A Wild Thing...Sweet Repose said...

My tiny hen house is being built as we speak, I've missed my hens for 10's time...mmmm...French toast with fresh eggs, nuttin' better!

Megan @ Restoring the Roost said...

Congrats on the first egg! I remember my first egg we got from our chickens--it was on Halloween last year. They are such good layers and one of them is now broody sitting on her nest :) Hope you enjoy many more eggs to follow!

Rustic and White said...

Becky, this certainly is eggciting news. I always wanted hens but don't think they are in my husband hasn't been swayed...yet:o)

Enjoy your future eggs!!

Tarrah at The Pottery Shed said...

Congrats on the first egg! We have Rhode Island Reds and we were eggstatic with our first egg! ;)
Love all your pictures (as always)...still working on my "whites"'s coming along...will share some pics with you when it's done. Thanks again! :)

Susan S. said...

What a beautiful egg! And beautiful chickens. Your little herb garden looks so good....I'm envious. I forget to water for a day or two and they are DEAD, DEAD, DEAD! Happy Spring from Houston, TX!!

Privet and Holly said...

I'm such a sucker
for chickens and
if I were a farmer's
wife, we'd be the
vegetarian kind that
ONLY eat the eggs and
never the bird!!!
So sweet, Becky!
xx Suzanne

Mrs.Thornton said...

What an amazing experience! the first egg :) I've always wanted chickens and this post is just stoking the fire ;)

from me to thee......... said...

we bought our first baby chickens last spring, and we got the first egg it felt like Christmas !!! Even now, with 6 eggs a day on average, I still am excited to get eggs, I so appreciate them and it is such a marvel and great experience, hard to put into words....enjoy!! Linda

Cathy said...

Love me some good ole "fresh eggs"!! Might just have to "borrow" your idea of using the sugar mold as a sweet planter! Right now, mine is just setting on my work table with no purpose! Thanks for sharing...Happy Creating..........
Cathy aka GGJ

Secret Garden Cottage said...

How exciting, Becky... yay! Your chickens are little cuties! We've been wanting to get some, but we need to build us a chicken coop first.
Great idea to use your sugar mold for a planter... looks beautiful!!
Have a great weekend!
~ Jo :)

Kim said...

Wonderful blog - so happy to have found it. I'm your newest follower. Love those cute chickens!

Tracey said...

I love the sugar mold as a planter...perfect! Everything here is always so pretty and inspiring!!!

Fresh eggs sound wonderful!


:) T

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Hi Becky!
I had a little family of baby chickens one time, when I was little. When they got older, my parents made us give them to another farm that had chicken coops. I was so sad to see my little friends go!
Great post.
BTW.... I just passed a Stylish Blog Award on to you this evening on my blog. Please stop by soon and take it and share it as well!

janette@ The2Seasons said...

I'm new to your blog. It looks like there is some egg salad in your future.

Inspiration...Vintage, The Vintage Inspired Home said...

Hi Becky,
Congrats of the lovely egg, your hen is beautiful!
I just wanted to let you know I featured you again at "The Vintage Inspired Home". Grab the I'm featured button on the sidebar if you'd like!
Have a great day.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I remember the excitement of getting our first egg last Spring. We were hootin and hollerin like it was Christmas morning. Now we are getting beaucoups from our four girls. Beautiful brown ad blue and green eggs. Our neighbors just love it when I give them a dozen eggs. :)

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