Monday, October 11, 2010

Fence Board Table

A short while back, I told you about my huge chalkboard.
It was made from a tabletop.
I wanted to show you what we did with the rest of the table.
It now looks like this:

It used to look like this:

My sweet hubby took off the tabletop, and framed the
remainder with old fence board 2x4s.

Then he put the fence boards on, to replace the tabletop.

He cut the ends off, to make it all even.
(Don't be checking out my hot hubby :)

Then he framed around the existing table legs.

This is the top, complete.

Then we mixed half water, half white paint.

Brushed the white-wash across the whole table.

 And now it looks like this:

We like the old fence board table much better now.

 I have been having trouble with uploading photos,
until tonight.  What's up with blogger?

I'm joining Metamorphosis Monday
The DIY Showoff
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Becky C


Janet said...

I love the table. We have similar posts this week except I made wall art. I used the same paint technique also.

Is this going to be an outside table?


Funky Junk Interiors said...

Gorgeous! What a brilliant idea to use an existing table! Duly noted! :)


Amy Kinser said...

My friend, you are killing me with this great furniture. I LOVE your table. Your husband rocked on it!!! Your pictures look amazing! Mine have been a pain to download lately also. Keep on posting your great stuff for me to drool over.

Did you see my white sign I made for the top of my ent center? White fence la la...

Lori said...

Great Job! Amazing the right ideas and know how and you can do anything, help from the hubby doesn't hurt. I have to do all projects by myself. Not his thing. I'm boarding my ceilings front to back of house all living areas, not bedrooms.

Lori said...

I know, what's up with blogger and picture uploads, driving me crazy!

Creative Ambitions said...

Love it Becky! I like the white wash... turned out perfect! Yay for recycling!

Sandi said...

I LOVE it! I will have to show this post to my hubby!! I can feel the wheels spinning...

sissie said...

Your repurposed table turned farm table looks fabulous!


Jill said...

That was a heck of an idea! just love it! He does have some talent though, I'm not sure just anyone could pull this off and make it look that nice. I know I couldn't!

Secret Garden Cottage said...

This is a really fabulous idea, Becky! How smart to just build around an existing table. It turned out beautiful! Love it!
~ Jo :)

Atticmag said...

Great for outside. Reminds me of a table from the 1920s. I like it a lot. Hope you'll stop by and see our upholstery ideas. Jane F.

Tammy at Tattered and Timeless said...

It looks great - and so does hubby :) I love the rough texture of it and it just looks so rustic but refined too.
tammy -
love your blog name.

Diane Drake said...

What a creative idea -- the table looks great! I loved the huge chalkboard too! Diane

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